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Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Training Recent studies based on empirical research show that having ‘emotional intelligence’ is a foundation for cultivating healthy relationships and having workplace and life success. Having competency through Emotional Intelligence Training is essential in cultivating productive relationships as well as is a […]

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Communication Skills Training

COMMUNICATION SKILLS-MANAGERS & TEAM MEMBERS Gain the critical skill sets to enable professional communication and improve influence within your organization. Ultimahub’s communication skills training programs are designed for professionals working in complex and international environments and cover all aspects of communications training fundamentals. Our workshops […]

Sales English Course

SALES TRAINING (ENGLISH) IMPROVING CORPORATE SELLING SKILLS & BEST PRACTICES Having a strong sales team is a key ingredient to achieving success in today’s competitive marketplace. Ultimahub trains corporate sales staff from a variety of industries to ensure they have the skill sets required to […]

Financial English Courses

Financial English Courses Our specialized ‘Financial English’ workshops and training modules are specifically designed to provide participants with the key tools, skill sets, terminology and business jargon required to operate in an increasingly modern, connected and competitive financial sector. Ultimahub’s Financial English courses are designed […]

Hospitality English

Hospitality English English Politeness – Hospitality Essential Mannerisms & Pleasantries Providing a professional standard of service to your clients and guests is essential for building and maintaining a reputation in the hospitality industry. From the first point of contact, first impressions go along way to […]

Sales Coaching Training

SALES COACHING – KEY SALES STAFF & SALES MANAGERS TRANSFORMING KEY SALES STRATEGIES Drive peak sales performance by creating a company and department wide coaching culture。 Development of ‘everyday disciplines’ to enact behavior modification and explore how to reach maximum performance potential。 Leverage your teams […]

Consultative Selling Training

CONSULTATIVE SALES TRAINING Be seen as an “Expert Consultant” rather than a “Salesperson” Learn the skills to actively listen, empathize with, and influence your clients. Ability and confidence to engage in strategic dialogue with senior executives Exceeding expectations from the perspective of performance and client […]

Online Webinars with Ultimahub in Taichung

Online Training Webinars – Corporate Training Skills in Taiwan Online training is a great addition to face to face training and webinars can vary from in person workshops. They hold many advantages compared to traditional lectures as they can save time for both the speaker […]

Ultimahub Online Webinars in Kaohsiung

Online Training Courses & Webinars in Kaohsiung Generally, webinars for online education have significant benefits. Webinars allow employees to access learning product anywhere at any time, which is good news for those who do not have time in their busy schedule to attend a training […]

Online Webinars with Ultimahub in Tainan

Online Webinars with Ultimahub in Tainan Webinar – an amusing sounding mix of “web” and “workshop” to create a keyword often used in today’s digital online market to explain a beneficial and hassle-free teaching approach that is ending up being more extensively relied upon in […]

Ultimahub Business English Online and Offline Training in Tainan

Ultimahub Business English Online and Offline Training in Tainan Today’s organisations need to employ imaginative and useful thinking. Patterns and technology change quickly, so it is very important for aiming service people to comprehend how the world economy works, both today and throughout history. Competency […]

Ultimahub Consultative Selling Training in Taipei

Ultimahub Consultative Selling Training in Taipei The reality is that providers are 10 a cent these days. Advisors on the hand know the challenges their clients face and they help the consumer reach their company targets with their product or services. Those stuck at supplier […]

Ultimahub Business English Online and Offline Training in Taichung

Ultimahub Business English Online and Offline Training in Taichung Towers Watson showed that companies that are highly effective communicators had a 47% higher overall go back to investors over a 5-year duration compared to those who weren’t efficient. Think about then the effect on prospective […]

Consultative Selling Training with Ultimahub in Tainan

Consultative Selling Training with Ultimahub in Tainan The reason why consultative selling has ended up being increasingly important in sales is easy: competition has increased. Today, it is a fact that consumers can quickly buy from competitors all over the world. However, on the consumer […]