Telephone Sales Skills

Telephone Selling Skills Training High-Performance Telephone Sales Strategies to Drive Results Improving sales call content and dynamics to achieve results Effective questioning to elicit context and insight into needs Aligning customer requirements with effective solutions Removing barriers to deals by overcoming objections The art of […]

SEO Analytics Training

Google Analytics & Adwords Training Google Analytics is a powerful tool for understanding your website visitors and the types of journeys they take on your website and provides additional valuable insights as they relate to your business. Our workshops and training leverage your existing knowledge […]

Digital Marketing Taiwan

Facebook & Instagram Marketing – Taiwan Marketing Training Workshops Our Taiwan Digital Marketing Training Courses provide detailed guidance and instruction on utilizing marketing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Our training experts show you how to gather and effectively use data analysis systems and […]

Sales NLP Training

Sales Training with NLP Sales Process Improvement Utilizing Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques Enhancing Sales Using NLP Tools and Techniques Using an understanding of psychology to increase sales Generate new and increase existing accounts using individual strategies Overcoming objections and barriers to client buying Shortening the […]

Influence & Persuasion

Influence & Persuasion Skills Training In today’s highly competitive business landscape, the ability to influence and persuade others is a critical skill for professionals at all levels. Whether you’re looking to close more deals, negotiate better contracts, or simply communicate more effectively with your team, […]

Presentation Skills Training

Presentation Skills Training Ultimahub’s Presentation Skills Training Courses in Taiwan empower attendees with the essential tools and confidence they need to structure and deliver presentations with impact. Our expert trainers will show attendees how to prepare an effective presentation utilizing systematic structures. They will learn […]

Consultative Selling Training

Consultative Selling Training Be seen as an “Expert Consultant” rather than a “Salesperson” Learn the skills to actively listen, empathize with, and influence your clients. Ability and confidence to engage in strategic dialogue with senior executives Exceeding expectations from the perspective of performance and client […]

Sales Coaching Training

Sales Coaching for Key Sales Staff & Managers Enhancing Key Sales Strategies Drive peak sales performance by creating a company and department wide coaching culture. Development of ‘everyday disciplines’ to enact behavior modification and explore how to reach maximum performance potential Leverage your teams’ competitive […]

Sales English Course

Sales Training (English Course) Improving Corporate Selling Skills & Best Practices In today’s highly competitive marketplace, having a strong sales team is a key ingredient for achieving success. At Ultimahub, we understand the importance of having the right skill sets to meet sales targets and […]

Selling With Insight

Selling with Insight & Influence Sales representatives often face key challenges, such as:  Distilling, clarifying, and differentiating needs against selling priorities Leveraging awareness and research to improve customer interactions Crafting ‘always-be-selling’ (ABC) narratives into insightful selling techniques Knowing when and how to effectively “Close the […]