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The reason why consultative selling has ended up being increasingly important in sales is easy: competition has increased. Today, it is a fact that consumers can quickly buy from competitors all over the world.

However, on the consumer side things have actually also altered, as there are more choice makers than ever before associated with the buying decision.

The fact is that supplying professional suggestions to customers during the decision-making process is the very best technique to stay ahead of the competitors. Consequently, consultative selling is more than just a sales approach.

The objective of consultative selling is that the sales representative:

  • Recognises and analyses specifically what the customer requires for the product/service
  • Offers a product/service which develops additional worth to the consumer’s value chain – ie there is a ‘value exchange’
  • Is viewed by the customer as a trusted advisor based upon their performance
  • Transforms from product supplier to solution seller

Advisors are able to give a clear definition of the item value to the customer. “Appealing and resilient” is no longer adequate for describing an item. Customers wish to understand which benefits items or parts really supply. Simply put: what benefit will the client organisation get from purchasing and using a product or solution?

Ultimahub trainers in tainan will empower your teams and salesforce to become skilled in the art of consultative selling – reach out to us today!

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