Over-reliance on technology has contributed to the loss of direct and face-to-face communication and the skill sets that enable ‘successful’ navigation of these interactions.

In our experience of training thousands of employees, we have found that many of these individuals lack the skills and confidence to drive compelling and result-orientated conversations with their customers. We have made it for our mission at Ultimahub to change this reality and work closely with businesses to improve employees intercommunication styles, abilities and performance.

Working with a variety of international companies, Ultimahub provides unique value for our customers in the areas of:Sales, Leadership, Communication & Negotiation, Team Building, Emotional Intelligence, NLP, Business English .

In addition to offering complementary and essential Soft Skills programs are designed to engage and motivate your staff towards a path of personal and professional growth that ultimately increases overall individual, team and company performance.

Ultimahub provides customized and industry specific solutions to meet your company and employee training needs and objectives.

We combine a mix of assessment, customize sales, training and integrated performance support tools to driver growth and reinforce learning. Programs are designed with employee growth, improving performance and continual learning in mind and are led by professional trainers with years of training knowledge and delivery experience.


Take the first step and reach out today, no job or task is too big or small for us. Our affordable and customized approach to designing the right solution for you is only a phone call or email away!

one to one english private classes
We teach all levels of English & focus on areas your staff need most. Fun & interactive classes to achieve speedy results giving attendees the language boost they require.
soft skills asia
Soft Skills are the cornerstone of every businesses. The secrets to harnessing interpersonal proficiency is essential in leadership, team collaboration, presenting and selling.
corporate skills training singapore asia
Working with our clients after every training to ensure continual development & growth. Implementing effectiveness for both new and existing staff to boost productivity.
cross cultural communication
Communication is paramount to guarantee long lasting results. Our communication courses build awareness of personality types, overcoming objections & navigating cultural barriers.
selling influencing sales
Interactive selling workshops to develop awareness, tools and techniques from master sales professionals. Enhance your workforce to produce maximum sales efficiency and results!
leadership training courses
Immediately implementable tools and techniques for world class Managers & Leaders. Learn expert techniques to get the best out of any team, drive motivation & increase staff retention!

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