The most effective training is the type that can be immediately implemented and applied in the workplace.
Ultimahub’s workshops, modules and tools have been carefully designed from an action based perspective to ensure that participants can begin implementing course approaches and materials as soon as they return to a workplace setting.
Companies that can create and instill a workplace culture of continuous learning and development are more resilient in the business world.
Their staff tend to be more competitive and outperform their peers in companies that do not implement this process.
By arranging an action plan at strategic intervals throughout the calendar year (i.e., by business quarter or reporting cycle) our clients can continue to build upon their strengths and address performance issues as they arise.
Besides getting optimal performance out of your employees and teams, this planning and action oriented approach can help businesses in a variety of areas:


Enhanced resilience and improved strategy 92%
Increased output and greater profit margins 95%
Heightened understanding of client needs and buying signals 94%

Our company was founded on the basis of 50 years of Sales, Management and Team building expertise working with Fortune 500 companies and well-known brands and wanting to share these best business practices with the business world.
We are passionate about working with customers of all shapes, sizes and industries to create the most optimal continuous learning solutions. As your company grows and faces new challenges we are the ideal partners to grow with you and help you to identify the ideal training solutions, skill sets and tools to support and scale this growth.
Systems have maximum impact when the company and staff member have a parallel vision of culture, mindset and understanding of the road ahead.
Our process takes the aforementioned into careful consideration and we pay close attention to each detail when designing and facilitating training to apply new skill sets and tools to motivate, reinforce and develop participants potential for success and achieve ‘training return-on-investment.’

Ultimahub’s “3 Pillar CPD Model”

Partner Mindset

  • Our clients regard us as a trusted business partner that can handle the minutia of tracking and engaging individual team members towards progress and align this with your company’s long-term growth and team performance objectives.
  • Ultimatahub takes a holistic approach with all of our clients and dives deep into all processes to ensure that ideal solutions are put in place to improve company performance using the latest in training techniques and individual performance optimization as your company continues to grow and evolve.

Best Practices & Procedures

  • Our experience working in a variety of industries has provided us with a unique perspective on how high performing teams operate and are motivated, the best practices they use to achieve growth and optimal performance and the types of challenges companies face at different stages in their business.
  • Ultimahub’s training facilitators and content creators have a wealth of knowledge and skills as world class facilitators. All have worked with a variety of Fortune 500 and SME brands around the world. They draw on their years of experience working with top executives to provide engaging and interactive modules that help build the foundation for ongoing growth.

Actionable Monitoring & Feedback Mechanisms

  • Being aware and acknowledging what is and what is not working within your organization is essential for running a successful business and managing high-performing teams. We will work closely with you and your respective teams to gain an understanding of the types of behaviors and progress patterns that are holding your team back from optimum performance. Our expert trainers have extensive experience in identifying the causes and warning signals of potentially negative behaviors that inhibit smooth operation and functioning within a team setting. In addition to providing you with the tools to identify what is occurring we provide you with solutions to modify and improve behavior using a systematic process.
  • To support this ongoing process, we provide face to face or online assessment solutions. The benefit of these exercises provides detailed data analytics which is used to formulate hypothesis and ultimately help to overcome challenges that inhibit company and personal growth.
  • Our Emotional Intelligence assessment tool is a starting point and is highly recommended for a variety of teams, management and especially sales and customer service employees. Using the data from the assessments our specialists will analyze the data to create a snapshot of your staffs strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats with regard to their overall state of emotional intelligence. The results and respective learning can be transformational and a real eye-opener for even the best and most highly-functioning of teams and organizations.
  • Our data driven approach to effective training benchmarks the impact of our training and provides your management and HR teams with empirical data and a real-time snapshot of your companies most powerful asset – your staff. Using this information, decisions can be made with respect to team composition and making Informed decisions regarding driving growth and strategic company initiatives.

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