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Ultimahub improves corporate teams overall effectiveness by providing world class training, workshops and ongoing learning programs.

By working with a variety of Fortune 500 companies and SME‘s, Ultimahub has gained valuable experience in training teams of all sizes from a variety of industries. We have developed a formula for success and proven methodologies to increase employee performance and leverage these into business results.
We work closely with you to design the optimal training program based on your expectations and requirements.
As company departmental, team and individual requirements may vary, our focus is creating a holistic program of training activities suited to your workforce.

business skills malaysia vietnam cambodia thailand
business skills malaysia vietnam cambodia thailand

Our Sales Training, Team Building and Management & Leadership Courses are good starting points to improve sales pipelines and business results across department, team and individual performance as well as your company’s bottom line.

Example :

  • Pre-and-post assessment of sales team member abilities and performance
  • Tailored solutions using our proven training modules and methodologies
  • Engaging and interactive training workshops to enhance and stimulate learning
Flexible Approach

The success of our training programs are due to the versatile approach that we take to course design and delivery. Our ‘triple D’ methodology of Defining, Developing and Driving uses complimentary learning modules and can be deployed as separate processes or run in parallel depending on the type of audience and experience of the attendees.Several of our more popular learning modules include:

  • On-boarding
  • Team Building
  • Lead Generation
  • Presentation Skills
  • Consultative Selling
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Latent opportunity development
  • Leadership / Team Management
  • Communication & Dialogue Skills
corporate training thailand vietnam malaysia

Take the first step and reach out today, no job or task is too big or small for us. Our affordable and customized approach to designing the right solution for you is only a phone call or email away!

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