Corporate Training-Leadership,Sales,Communication-Taichung

Management & Leadership Skills Workshop in Sales & Communication

Our Taichung client called upon our services to assess and develop a selection of their departments and teams.
After a series of initial analysis and assessments we determined that the focus of the workshops centered around presentation delivery, dealing with difficult situations, building rapport and a handful of essential soft skills.

taichung corporate trainingtaichung corporate training taiwan corporate training

As the local teams that we trained collaborated on a regular basis with clients and coworkers in Taiwan and abroad it was essential that their teams had excellent cross-cultural communication abilities.

Course Modules:

  • Team Building
  • Consultative Selling
  • Adapting to Environments
  • Management vs Leadership
  • Leadership Style Modelling
  • Inspiring others to Take Action
  • ‘Best’ Leader Characteristics, Traits & Focus
  • Delegating to Achieve Optimum Results
  • Initiating Change & Navigating Challenges
  • Overcoming Barriers, Obstacles & Difficult Situations
  • Developing, Mentoring & Motivating High-Performance Teams
  • New Skills Action Planning, Implementation & CPD Framework


After consulting with the HR and management team of our Thai client, Ultimahub realized that a tailored and bespoke solution for our client was needed. Taking into consideration various local and regional cultural nuances, we crafted a customized training and delivery program that.

Initial consultation with the managers and HR team of our Bangkok taichung client revealed many points to take into consideration for the training program and delivery. Attendees were to be coming from multiple locations across the world including Kaohsiung, Hong Kong and Bangkok. There would also be attendees connecting remotely from Europe and the US.

Our challenge was to construct the management and leadership training in such a way that the activities and role plays could be seamlessly carried out both online and offline.

Course Results

The course program provided in-depth analysis of the essential leadership skills every manager needs to master. We delved into communication styles, management techniques, sales excellence and how to effectively communicate on a day-to-day basis. Each training module was a building block to building and developing winning teams.

Below are a list of the training courses carried out in Bangkok and Chang-Mai Taichung.

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