19 Feb 2020

Corporate Skills Training Workshop – (Singapore, Asia)

Corporate Training Skills Workshop – Singapore, Asia Location

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Challenge: Develop a set of skills training for new corporate sales teams.

Solution: We designed and delivered an intensive seven day Communication, Presentation & Sales Skills Training workshop in Singapore.

corporate training singapore asia
corporate skills training singapore asia

Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

Our client had recently on-boarded at a new group of sales teams (45 people) and required improvement of their cross-cultural communication, presentation skills and sales influencing skill sets.

During our initial consultation, the company management highlighted several training skills development priorities and areas for focus including; how to establish rapport, developing and empathy and influence, and how to deal with difficult circumstances and overcoming objections.

The Training Needs Analysis assessment also revealed that the majority of participants felt more comfortable having elements of the training delivered in Mandarin. As their target clients were English speakers it was important to have at least a part of the training conducted in English. Our solution was to provide two trainers whom worked side-by-side throughout the seven days of training. In addition, we also provided video recordings and copies of the training materials in both English and Chinese for the participants to review at a later date.

Training Solution

Ultimahub’s seven day training workshops were delivered in Singapore. NLP Language Patterns like the Milton Model were introduced and reinforced throughout the workshops to improve rapport building, sales influencing and overall communication abilities.

Introduction of essential tools such as reframing, presuppositions, double binds, single binds, and embedded commands were additional areas of learning. With these foundations in place we dove deep into cultural elements like direct versus indirect approaches to influence, misunderstandings and common traits analysis.

Daily training sessions included classroom learning challenges and feedback analysis, activities and intensive role-playing exercises.

Ultimahub’s Sales training in presentation skills improvement modules boosted participants confidence, use of effective tone to achieve results and ability to leverage new ideas for growth.

Feedback from our Singapore Training Coursewas very positive. Of note was the fact that the HR and managers that we had been working with to design the program contacted us post training to let us know that the participants had shown remarkable improvement in many of the problem areas that the initial assessment had identified. They also expressed their sincere gratitude as the training was successful in bringing people together and solidifying the team building and performance skills that they needed to be successful in their respective roles.

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