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Powerful Storytelling Skills to Enhance Your Company Brand and Leadership

Discover The Secrets To Inspire And Motivate People Through Storytelling!

Learn how to construct powerful stories to enhance all aspects of business communication including: advertising, branding, selling as well as delivering information dynamically in presentations and meetings.

Stories Motivate And Drive People To Take Action

This comprehensive storytelling skills course for business will give you the tools and know how to construct creative stories to build a strong customer base as well as develop your teams and brand message.

Key Outcomes

· Learn how stories drive our emotions and how to target audience emotions to engage better with them.

· Explore the 7 Key story structures and how to utilize them in business scenarios

· Learn how to integrate data into stories to enable better memory recall of essential elements

· Learn how to augment your story delivery using body language, tone and congruence

What You Will Learn

· The Effect of Stories on Hormones

· The Relationship between Storytelling & EQ

· The 7 Story Structures

· Storytelling with Data

· Story Delivery & Congruence


· Branding & Advertising Storytelling

· Recalling Data Through Stories

· Hollywood Story Systems

· The EQ Storytelling Effect

· The Hormonal Effect of Stories

· Story Empathy Awareness

· 7 Steps To Plot Your Story Content

· Body Language and Interaction

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What Will You Learn?

  • Become a better storyteller
  • Learn how to influence using stories
  • Learn how brands and advertisers utilise storytelling
  • Learn essential story structures to improve areas of business

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