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Business buzzwords are important because they can simplify complex concepts into a word or phrase that is easy to understand.  Buzzwords can also increase employee engagement by using metaphors and interesting phrases to express daily tasks and goals.

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Do You Know How to Stay Connected

  • Dialogue
  • Vocabulary
  • Sample Sentences
  • Vocabulary Phrase Usage
  • Introduction Quiz

Are You Breathing in the Blogosphere?

Are You Doing Your Part? Go Green!

Are you part of my Social Network?

At the End of the Day…

BUZZ: Designer Words

BUZZ: Microblogging and the Twitterverse

BUZZ: Minding Your Own Business

BUZZ: Music and New Media

BUZZ: Ready for Roll Out

Buzzwords That Work

Tech Matters – Reading

It’s Gone Viral – Give it to me Straight

On the Dot, Nose, and Money

Shop ’til You Drop


Stop Beating Around the Bush

Take it to the Max

Taking It to the Next Level

Television is a Dying Art…You Have to Watch This!!!

What Do You Mean…EVERYONE Owns a Crackberry?!

What’s the”Buzz”AllAbout?

What Page Are You On?

When Was the Last Time You Googled Something Like This?

Young and Old,Everyone is Doing it!

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