What Will You Learn?

  • Organize meetings
  • Communicate ideas efficiently
  • Useful verb phrases
  • Idiomatic expressions

Course Content

Apologies and Implied Promises
Hospitality English for Hotels S1 #20 Apologies and Implied Promises

  • Dialogue
  • Vocabulary
  • Sample Sentences
  • Vocabulary Phrase Usage
  • Grammar
  • Cultural Insight
  • Introduction Quiz

Being Agreeable in Difficult Situations

Cancelling a Reservation

Taking a Reservation

Dealing With Turnaways By the Guest

Delivering Room Service

Departure Etiquette in the Hotel Restaurant

Directing Guests to a Destination

Expressing Concern for a Guest

Group Check – in

Guest Interaction:Dos and Don’ts

Guest Registration

Hotel Telephone Etiquette

Housekeeping When Guests are Present

Polite Refusals

Procedures for Taking Room Service Orders

Putting a Guest on the Wait-list

Serving Drinks at a Lounge or Bar

Serving Room Service

Suggestive Selling and Upselling

Taking A Beverage Order at a Hotel Restaurant

Taking a Reservation

Taking a Room Service Order

Taking Drink Orders at Special Events

Turning a Guest Away When Fully Booked

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