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Cross Culture Communication Skills

As the pace of international companies setting up operations in Asia and the Asia-Pacific and Chinese companies continuing to expand globally increases, the need for Cross-Cultural Communication Skills Training has never been higher.

Ultimahub’s Cross-Cultural Communication Training is a favorite with multinational corporations and teams in Asia, the Asia-Pacific and around the world.

Courses are designed to mitigate cultural conflicts and barriers, improve team communication and build long-lasting relationships – all key ingredients to building rapport and facilitating successful workplace and customer-client relationships.

In Asia, an understanding of “Guanxi” is essential to building trust in both social and business settings.

Training in how to cultivate “Guanxi” and improve one’s cross cultural communication helps the individual better understand the various social cues, individual responses and attitudes that shape business discussions and negotiations.

Our Cross Cultural-Communication Courses help attendees navigate the cultural barriers and avoid bottlenecks, delays, misunderstandings and unforeseen situations.

With cultural sensitivity and awareness comes confidence in communicating and promotes positive outcomes leading to improved business transactions.

  • Develop culturally aware teams and individuals that can actively engage with local and multinational clients and business partners
  • Improve company communication efficiency and negotiation outcomes through understanding key cultural aspects
  • Mitigate cross cultural communication conflicts, misunderstandings and management obstacles
  • Increase team and individual cultural emotional intelligence and empathy


Cross Cultural Communication Training Benefits

Boost your chances for success in Asia by improving staff cultural awareness and competitiveness.
We have a number of solutions available including: Sales, Marketing, Presentations, Negotiation or Rapport Building. Our approach trains employees on how to be successful in Asia when delivering speeches, conducting negotiations and how to communicate successfully with their business partners, clients and customers.

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