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Recent studies based on empirical research show that having ‘emotional intelligence’ is a foundation for cultivating healthy relationships and having workplace and life success.

Having competency in Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is essential in cultivating productive relationships as well as is a characteristic of successful leaders.

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Many are already aware of the enlightening statistics following the research and findings of Daniel Goleman who initially brought EQ into the limelight with his initial publication of “Why it can matter more than IQ” in 1995.

More recently, the World Economic Forum has published their “Future of Jobs” report which states that by 2020, the top ten employment skills will be centered around emotionally intelligent capabilities.

A person with high technical knowledge in any given subject does not automatically have natural ability to manage teams or even work well with others within a team to effectively realise their true potential.

Companies, HR, managers and staff members are becoming increasingly aware that there is a missing piece to the puzzle. EQ is now realised as even more essential throughout the world than the 100 year old concept of IQ.

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Emotional Intelligence is proving itself to be a far more critical skill which yields results and correlates to ongoing health, happiness and productivity. These benefits are often found with direct links to success. Furthermore, Emotional Intelligence is a skill that can be learned and developed on a day to day basis.

Schools, universities and businesses alike are now integrating Emotional Intelligence into their curriculum and training. An “Emotionally Intelligent” individual is one that has the understanding, skills and tools available to them which help them to realise and manage their own emotions as well as the emotions of those around them even when placed in exceptionally difficult circumstances or under intense pressure.

We at Ultimahub along with our partners have created Emotional Intelligence training workshops, assessments, games and activities which focus on developing the essential areas of Emotional Intelligence.


  • Increase self awareness
  • Identify and manage negative emotions
  • Improve listening ability
  • Communicate effectively and assertivel
  • Project confidence and charisma
  • Dependent personal and workplace relationships
  • Interpret and effectively label nonverbal communication
  • Empathize and understand other’s perspectives


  • Understand the anatomy of emotions and how they influence behaviors
  • Explore the link between success and emotional intelligence
  • Distinguish between automatic, limbic decisions and intentional conscious decisions
  • Become aware of your automatic processes, how they can help or hurt you and how to manage them
  • Practice increasing self-awareness, intentional thinking and agile thinking
  • Learn to control the key emotional states: motivation, determination fear and anxiety
  • Harness and practice Self Management and Motivational techniques in order to become empathetic and more productive
  • Study theoretical and practical applications on how to become more effective using ones language, focus and body to achieve results
  • Empathy: An understanding of an individual’s needs, wants and emotions.
  • Organizational Awareness: the ability to understand the politics that govern the day-to-day interactions and how these shape company culture and individual interactions.
  • Situational Awareness: An understanding of how to meet the specific needs of clients and individuals within an organization or in any given situation.
  • Examine the link between leadership and emotional intelligence
  • Apply and define EQ leadership models
  • Label and identify the competencies required to develop successful leaders
  • Learn and practice tools for developing coaching leadership style, the visionary leadership style, and apply these leadership styles to various situations
  • Understand and manage unconscious bias to create a respectful culture of diversity and inclusion
  • Create strategies for developing a motivating and engaged workplace culture

Testing, Assessments & Certification:

  • Ultimahub can provide an online EQ assessment test. A full report of the assessment will be made available for attendees that details their ‘Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Strengths’ with regard to their current emotional intelligence level.
  • This test is available in Chinese and or English.
  • All candidates who complete the 4 EQ modules will be provided with a course completion certificate.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize is emotional understanding for best practices and eliciting interactive responses
  • Improve working relationships by maintaining and managing emotional best practices and behavior in all aspects of one’s work
  • Practice empathy to develop and foster a team player mindset and improved communication
  • Use emotional insights and EQ to improve team management and your decision making process


  • Label and identify emotions and their respective levels of intensity
  • Cognitively analyze emotions along with their physiological manifestations
  • Be cognizant of emotional triggers and formulate emotionally intelligent strategies


  • Understand the impact that EQ has when building relationships
  • Practice Emotionally Intelligent Rapport skills
  • Utilize empathetic listening techniques to build and maintain empathy


  • Understand that stress has a set of controllable rules that can have both positive and or limiting effects
  • Utilize proactive stress alleviation techniques to retain an emotionally balanced state
  • Work towards developing workplace resilience and understand the positive effects that it has on team productivity

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  • Achieve active discussion success by understanding and recognizing central rules in relationship maintenance and development
  • Deploy emotionally intelligent strategies to elicit healthy results from conflict
  • Practice Emotionally Intelligent actions to cultivate a collaborative work attitude


Having a workforce with a high EQ and that practice Emotional Intelligence will increase productivity, equip your staff with the skills and tools to deal with conflict situations and develop opportunities and productive relationships with their coworkers and clients.

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