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English Politeness – Hospitality Essential Mannerisms & Pleasantries

Providing a professional standard of service to your clients and guests is essential for building and maintaining a reputation in the hospitality industry. From the first point of contact, first impressions go along way to ensure a comfortable and memorable experience whether you are in the hotel or restaurant business.

Ultimahub’s Hospitality English training and workshops provide your staff with the level of English that gives them the confidence to interact with your customers, maintain good customer relations and ensure customer care excellence. Depending on requirements, courses are flexible and customizable and can provide additional training in the areas of digital correspondence, difficult customer policies, politeness, problem resolution and building rapport with VIP clients – and much more!

Regardless of English level – from junior staff up to senior management – the material covered is an essential ingredient for success for client facing roles including but not limited to call centers, tourism financial institution’s and the service industry.

TOPICS COVERED:hospitality training taipei taiwan kaohsiung
  • Active Listening
  • Client Engagement
  • Oral Pronunciation
  • Body Language 
  • Common Misunderstandings
  • Conflict Resolution


All courses can be held off-site at your offices and or at third-party locations depending on availability and class size.

Other than a willingness and eagerness to learn, there is nothing to prepare for the session. Our capable team will prepare class materials including pens, paper, and or lunch, light beverages and snacks depending on your requirements.

We require two weeks advanced notice with regard to any cancellation from the date of the scheduled session to receive a full refund. In the case of emergency situation, we can reschedule the workshop or training session to a later date if 72 hours notice is given prior to the scheduled session.

Our training locations are in the first and second tier cities in taiwan, Hong Kong, the UK and Ireland. We have additional locations available through our partner network and a list is available upon request.

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