As markets and competition continue to modernize and change the dynamics of how they operate, the job of the salesperson is becoming increasingly difficult.

In order to remain competitive and adapt to these changes on-going training to remain competitive pays dividends.

Now, more than ever before fulfilling the needs of an increasingly niche and demanding customers requires a new approach and set of skills.
Ultimahub’s corporate sales trainers understand these challenges and have created a series of training workshops and modules to meet these challenges.

Selected from a variety of industries, our expert trainers have first-hand experience in the business world of how these changes are challenging sales teams and an understanding of the tools they need to be successful in today’s multifaceted and dynamic environment. Challenges are opportunities for creative growth!

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We look forward to speaking with you further regarding designing optimal solutions for your business requirements.


consultative sales training
Consultative Selling Workshops, develop sales teams to be seen as providers of world class service solutions and advisers to their customers. Rise above your competition and enhance your reputation as an experienced consultant in your industry.
sales training asia
Sales Coaching is an ideal way to ensure that your selling systems and procedures remain innovative and effective. The world of sales is continually evolving. Ensure you and your sales team are at the forefront of selling techniques and practices.
negotiation training
Often a client can miss out on their ideal product or service solution due to a lack of effective Sales Negotiation. Learn how to negotiate effectively with your clients to ensure win-win scenarios each and every time!
telephone sales
The first communication can be a deal maker or a deal breaker. Telephone Sales Training is not just about cold calling, it encompasses a systematic structure for every telephone interaction through to business transaction completion.
sales nlp training
Our NLP Sales Training courses develop interpersonal awareness and understanding to bring about long lasting client relationships, referrals and success. Learn powerful NLP structures to boost your sales today!
selling with influence
Influential people have ability to sell even though they may not be wanting or trying to! Mastering the arts of influence can boost your sales at the subconscious level of your customers. Learn how. Contact us today!
  • Courses are designed for the specific industry requirements of our clients
  • Courses are interactive and include immediately applicable skill sets, tools and takeaways
  • Courses are innovative and engaging and have a track record of generating success within Fortune 500 and SME clients from a variety of industries
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