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consultative sales training

Consultative Sales Training


  • Ability and confidence to engage in strategic dialogue with senior executives
  • Exceeding expectations from the perspective of performance and client loyalty
  • Minimize competitor threats and shorten sales cycles
  • Increase company margins, profitability, customer retention and decrease pricing pressures
  • Identify cross-selling and momentum gaining opportunities
Ultimahub’s Consultative Selling Skills Empower Sales People to Improve their Sales

Our Consultative Selling Training workshops and courses provide an in-depth exploration of the critical elements of a successful sales call or customer meeting. We will help sales people of all levels achieve needs based dialogs and cultivate a toolbox of skill sets to help close deals and improve business pipelines.

Our Consultative Selling Framework and Six Essential Skills modules equip participants with two ‘sales tree’ tools that provide attendees with repeatable and reliable strategies for sales negotiation. Six Essential Skills was designed to enable sales people to leverage their technical expertise whilst displaying in-depth product knowledge to install confidence in their prospects in addition to providing a framework for understanding client needs via a consultative approach.

Ultimahub’s Trusted Adviser Sales Training

Ultimahub’s Trusted Advisor Training Program is a five-part framework that incorporates a variety of development techniques and skills to instill the confidence in a prospect that you will be a reliable business partner. Learning the fundamental skills of how to think, act and display the specific behaviors of a trusted advisor will position you ‘well’ the eyes of key account managers and decision-makers. Self-awareness of where you are in the sales process and how you can become a trusted advisor are additional takeaways from our training.

  • Building trusted and long lasting relationships by utilizing common language, structure and framework. Evolve into a valued contributor and be invited to ‘sit at the table’ and engage in a deeper and more strategic dialogue with your client.
  • Uncover the communication skills to cultivate persuasive, proactive and credible business relationships.
  • Ideal for new or experienced sales people looking to challenge themselves and increase their sales performance.
  • Tailored solutions are available for Company Executives, HR and Sales Managers looking to mentor their teams.
  • Ultimahub’s Training and workshops can be delivered either on or offline using our remote learning platform
  • The program consist of consists of tailored and customized workshops and ongoing coaching to reinforce learning.
  • The program consist of consists of tailored and customized workshops and ongoing coaching to reinforce learning.

Each course consists of:

  • Presentation
  • Workbook Training
  • Engaging Activities
  • Support Material
  • Action Planning
  • Continual Development Plans

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