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Our Team Building Training Workshops are an investment in your team and teaches skill sets that are essential for building a sustainable and successful business. Improving team cohesion results in motivated, loyal, effective and happier staff. Removing communications barriers and aligning employees towards common goals and company vision are crucial steps to creating performance orientated teams.

Ultimahub’s training and approach provides awareness to all members of a team regarding their respective roles and how these roles combine to create performance and accomplish outcomes beyond those that a single individual could accomplish by themself.

Our research suggests that when teams have awareness, respect for each other and are united, results manifest.Our workshops and training courses are customizable and flexible, capable of working with even the most busiest and unstructured types of teams. Irrespective of industry, size or location – we train both local and international teams and regardless of the maturity of the team (i.e., are they storming, forming, norming, performing, etc), our expert consultants can design most optimal program for you.

Team Building Training delivers unique and performance increasing best practices to Fortune 500 and SME companies in Asia, the Asia-Pacific and around the world. Our expert trainers work closely with clients in designing bilingual engaging and interactive training solutions for all levels of attendees in a variety of industries.

Conducting regular team building events and activities that are structured and outcome orientated with respect to learning a new skill sets, are an essential part of nurturing teams and cultivating talent. Ultimahub’s team building workshops are the ideal solution for removing boundaries and fostering team spirit and ultimately empowering efficient and happy employees.

  • Common team issues &?Team development
  • Developing empathy &?Leadership strategies
  • Effective communication
  • System 1 & System 2 Thinking
  • Multicultural and virtual teams
  • Evaluation and decision making techniques
  • Understand the importance of teamwork and how effective teams function
  • Strategies for overcoming team challenges and conflicts
  • Learn prioritization and effective organizing techniques
  • Development of motivational and leadership skills


Ultimahub offers a unique variety of innovative, interactive and engaging corporate and professional level workshops and skillset training modules for diverse teams and industries in the Asia-Pacific and around the world. We are a trusted partner for Fortune 500 companies and SME’s operating in a variety of different industries.
Our corporate trainers are well respected and reliable business partners ready to help your organization unlock the potential of your greatest asset – your employees. Our renowned training courses and workshops will equip your staff with cutting-edge techniques and methodologies to improve their professional skills sets – ultimately have a positive impact on your bottom line.

With offices in Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Hong Kong we work with multi-national, regional and local companies on a variety of corporate training requirements.

Workshops, training modules and curriculums can be delivered in multiple languages including – English, Chinese, German and Spanish.

Drawing upon decades of experience delivering soft skills training courses, Ultimahub utilizes interactive learning techniques to accelerate the pace of learning and provide results. By equipping managers with soft skills training, employees and teams are often more effective, efficient and productive.

Each of our clients have unique needs and we will work with you to provide customized soft skills training, post-training support and continual coaching.

Change is a constant concept the natural world as well as in the business world. Having the skill set to effectively manage change when immersed in projects and tasks is a key skill for productive and high performing managers. The ability of managers to manage their teams in the face of these charges is critical for ensuring successful project delivery, building successful client and team relationships.

Our management and leadership training courses and workshops receive praise and high ratings from our clients due to there effective methodology and insightful content. We warmly welcome referrals and aim to ensure that all of our clients receive customized, quality and professional training.

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