corporate training asia malaysia vietnam india russia cambodia
corporate training asia malaysia vietnam india russia cambodia

Corporate Training & Skills Coaching

Headquartered in Malaysia, Asia Ultimahub is a corporate training company that delivers unique and performance increasing best practices to Fortune 500 and SME companies in Asia, the Asia-Pacific and across the world.

Our expert trainers work closely with clients in designing bilingual engaging and interactive training solutions for all levels of attendees in a variety of industries.

Training and Workshop Themes:

Presentation Skills Training, Sales Training, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Leadership & Management Training, Team Building, Soft Skills, Business English and many other crucial corporate courses.

Ultimahub are acclaimed for driving businesses to become competitive by helping them to improve their performance and business skill sets.

Our team of experts come from unique, diverse and specialized backgrounds and utilize the latest, most effective training methods including cognitive psychology, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), behavioural science, communication theory and emotional intelligence. Their collective 140+ years of experience are brought to bear in the development of our proprietary materials and course design and delivery methodology.

Humans have an innate ability to communicate and interact with their external environment – some individuals learn these abilities better and faster than others. In order to ‘sell better’ and expand your client portfolio we would work closely alongside you to assess your requirements and then construct the most efficient way to apply behavioral science selling and communicative best practices to improve your client interactions.

Ultimahub’s training and workshops often have immediate results and are designed to deliver the skill sets required to be successful for specific roles in a set of concise and manageable tools.


Why Choose Ultimahub?

We work hard to identify the small changes that are needed to increase employee performance and align and focus them and their teams towards increasing revenue and maximizing business results. Our approach and methodology was born out of working with some of the worlds most successful companies and we are uniquely positioned to leverage this knowledge to your organization.

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Our U.S.P’s

Our clients enjoy our unique and results orientated approach – this is what makes us different:

  • Bespoke program design
  • Immersive active learning
  • Industry tailored training
  • Proven and tangible results
  • Innovative and engaging materials
  • Expert trainers with real world experience
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Our goal is to facilitate the continual success and performance of our client’s teams and employees. We do this by working closely with our clients by understanding their requirements and by producing immediately visible results. In addition to delivering world-class training and skill sets to increase performance, we benchmark ourselves against our attendees development progress.

Our corporate training solutions are designed to ensure that attendees can unlock their maximum potential to find and generate demand, win business, increase and grow pipelines and benchmark performance. Ultimahub’s approach is innovative and is one of the most efficient ways to effect both institutional and behavioral change towards increasing performance and improving sales results.

“Your Success is Our Business”. Our paramount focus is to ensure the success of your business through the training workshops and coaching that we provide. In keeping this in mind continually our business model falls into place as we find meaning, enjoyment and the benefits of everything we do.

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