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Presentation Skills Training

Ultimahub’s Presentation Skills Training Workshops improve effectiveness of participants presentation skill sets by empowering them with the skill sets and tools to deliver impactful and enthusiastic presentations.

Our trainers are carefully selected and have delivered workshops for thousands of participants enabling them to become more efficient, structured and confidence in their delivery.

Group as well as individual workshops provide participants with innovative techniques and ideas that can be immediately implemented.

Workshops are customized and geared towards improvement and progress in all areas of presenting.

Ultimahub programs and courses are specifically designed by industry and delivered in both Chinese and English by our skilled expert trainers in first and second tier Chinese cities, regionally and around the world.


  • Sales Pitches
  • Key-Note Speeches
  • Investor Presentations
  • Team Building Meetings
  • Public or Media Updates
  • Boardroom Presentations


  • Improved Structure & Preparation
  • Create impactful Presentations
  • Handling Difficult Questions
  • Delivering Engaging Presentations
  • Developing Confidence
  • Driving Persuasive Power

Developing Confidence & Improving Audience Engagement

Interactive courses designed to establish presentation confidence, delivery and impact.

Attendees will overcome barriers and create memorable, engaging presentations using systematic processes. They will learn to interact with even the toughest of audiences especially in Q&A sessions.

  • Suitable for both new and experienced presenters whom are looking to increase impact and engagement, deal with nerves and difficult audiences, lead Q&A sessions and much more.
  • Interactive and stimulating workshops provide techniques and tools to deliver successful and powerful presentations resulting in dynamic and lively flow.
  • Provides a structured understanding of the presentation process and how to build control and confidence during the presentation.
  • Incorporates practical techniques from NLP and the fields of mindfulness research.

Participants will be encouraged to become comfortable with own distinct presentation style using the tools teach we teach. Improving techniques of ‘thinking on the fly’, recovering from presentation mistakes and influencing the decision-maker are additional takeaways from our training.


  • Understanding your audience and preparing a structured presentation
  • Confidence building, overcoming nerves and delivering engaging presentations
  • Presentation body language and voice control
  • Responding to difficult questions
  • PowerPoint tricks, tips and design best practices


Ultimahub’s expert training consultants will work closely with you to understand your training needs and requirements before designing an ideal Presentation Skills Training Module. Our programs are tailored to your unique industry, attendees and business requirements.

All of our courses can be held at your workplace or at a location of your choosing. We can help select a third party location and customize the delivery and training depending on your requirements. Please reach out to us today to discuss further.

We do offer specific focused Presentation Skills Coaching Modules as well as one-to-one Presentation Skills Coaching for key staff members.

We currently have training locations in first and second-year cities in taiwan including tainan, kaohsiung and taipei in addition to Hong Kong, taichung, taichung, taipei, kaohsiung, hsinchu, the UK and Ireland. Please visit our location page for more details.

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