Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ultimahub prides ourselves on delivering the optimum training services for all of our valued clients. 

We are often asked similar initial questions about our service solutions, and have therefore provided answers to commonly asked questions below. If you would like any more information, please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help.

Whether you have already identified areas that require essential development or are looking for options to bring out the maximum potential in your teams, we will have the ideal solution for you.
We have developed a seamless initial consultation process to aid in facilitating the course selection process. Our free and non-obligatory consultation will provide you with confidence and course options for you to choose from.
The process is both customizable and flexible in that courses, workshops, and trainers can be mixed and matched to arrive at the most optimal training solution for your company.
Our website has several examples of the solutions that we have delivered for our clients, as well as an outline of course descriptions and agendas for you to draw inspiration.
Please reach out today to inquire regarding our vast course selection, and we will do our utmost to design the ideal training program tailored for your business.

Once we receive your application and initial requirements, we will allocate a dedicated training consultant to guide you through the entire process and assist you through to training delivery.
Your dedicated training consultant will contact you at a time convenient for you to discuss your complete requirements and provide you with options given those requirements.
We will then allocate the ideal trainer and customized training course to suit your company’s needs.

Our expert trainers have a varied experience in teaching, training, and business roles within their respective fields. Our core offering is built around all areas of business, including language skills learning and an array of soft skills, including Sales, Team-building, Communication, Leadership & Management, EQ, and many more.

We have delivered thousands of hours of global workshops and training courses for a variety of Fortune 500 and SME clients over the past 20 years.

Our training experience has been acquired by working with a broad range of international companies, both large and small.

If you are looking for a trainer with specific experience, please contact us at +886 0909722832 or email us:

Ultimahub’s experience working with companies from a variety of industries has enabled us to identify and put in place actionable strategies to achieve your training objectives and meet your complete requirements.

We will work closely with you and your team using a combination of consultation and assessment materials to determine the perfect mix of training solutions that will have an immediate and positive impact on your company‘s performance.

Participants are provided with action plans and implementation strategies for how to use the skill sets they have received. Post-workshop training courses are followed up with additional feedback from our expert trainers to detail areas that need to be focused on at both the individual and also the team level.
Our continual development action report, combined with attendee feedback forms, offers additional feedback for your company which will be a valuable source of information with which to structure future training workshop sessions. Our company culture is to grow alongside each of our valued clients sharing all tools, skills, and knowledge that we can provide.

Yes, we offer a variety of customized solutions and cater to a multitude of industries. The best place to start is to get in touch, and we will allocate a dedicated consultant to discuss your specific requirements and needs. We would be delighted to guide you through the complete process.

If you are an individual looking to build on your own skills but unsure where to start, we will be happy to guide you. It may also be advisable to speak with your direct manager to see what skill sets might help to improve your role’s performance and professional growth. We offer a variety of different types of assessments and can work with you to identify areas requiring improvement.
We recommend scheduling a short call with one of our consultants to discuss further how we can help you plan and strategize the best solution to achieve the results you desire.

We are proud to have delivered bespoke solutions and services to countless companies across the globe. Our reputation for delivering practical and easy implementable solutions for large and small companies from a variety of industries is renowned across industries.

We have provided several examples of the types of programs that we have delivered in the blog section of our website. On the home, and about us page you will also see some of our many valued clients and what they have said about us. If you would like further information, please feel free to contact us at any time.

We provide online training solutions throughout the world and offline training solutions throughout Asia.

Our primary offices and trainers are based in China and Taiwan. If you wish to have onsite training in China please visit our website

In Taiwan, we will be delighted to deliver training at your company offices. We also have dedicated offsite Training locations in Taiwan’s major cities including:

  1. Taipei
  2. Kaohsiung
  3. Taitung
  4. Taoyuan
  5. Hualien

If you require training in other parts of Asia, we can surely help, please contact us for more information.

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