Sales Training – Corporate Courses (Online & Offline)

As industries continue to modernize and find increasing numbers of big data-gathering techniques, the job of the salesperson is also revolutionizing.

To adapt to these rapid changes, salespeople need to keep one step ahead of the competition. This requires having the necessary skills, structures, and continual development approaches in place.


This is why Ultimahub has put together a multitude of sales training courses and workshops in Taiwan.


Our corporate sales trainers have extensive knowledge in developing sales pipelines, building rapport, and making the most of each and
every valued customer. Over the years, we have developed challenging training workshops which cover every aspect of the sales journey.


We help companies across multiple industries to equip their staff with the skills they need to boost sales revenues by improving strategies and approaches to gain new customers and develop existing client pipelines.


Our expert trainers have first-hand experience in the challenges that sales professionals face. Our sales trainers have the unparalleled knowledge that all salespeople will need to be successful in today’s multifaceted and dynamic environment.


  • Courses are tailored to the specific industry requirements of our clients
  • Courses are interactive and include immediately applicable skill sets, tools and takeaways
  • Courses are innovative and engaging and have a track record of generating success within Fortune 500 and SME clients from a variety of industries
  • Face to face Sales Training throughout Taiwan – Including Taichung, Kaohsiung, Taipei and Tainan
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