Management & Leadership Training

Ultimahub empowers your management teams to be effective and reach their potential by providing a series of inspiring and impactful Management training workshops, modules and continual learning programs.

Becoming an effective and impactful manager is a skill that can be learned. Our Management & Leadership Training Workshops utilize a proven methodology to empower and improve the overall management skill set of managers.

Our experienced corporate trainers and engaging courses have transformed thousands of managers into articulate, confident and successful leaders. Our impactful training workshops are offered for companies in Taiwan, regionally, and around the world.

Tailored to specific industries and audiences, our workshops are delivered in both Chinese and English. We offer a variety of different solutions – from personalized one-to-one sessions to industry specific group and team classes. Our proprietary teaching methodology and innovative training programs are designed from a practical perspective and can be implemented immediately to drive progress and produce results.

Ultimahub provides management and leadership skills training in Taiwan, regionally and globally – check out our locations page to find out more and take the first step in arming your teams with the skill sets they need to start performing better today! Employees and staff reach optimal performance when they are positively reinforced and clear on the required tasks to fulfill their job objectives.

Successful managers motivate, inspire and empower their staff toward a common goal. Ultimahub’s training and workshops provide the essential skill sets and tools to engage corporate teams by focusing on improving team leader and management development.

Our programs are designed for all levels of management that are looking to grow and develop confidence, loyal, enthusiastic, and high-performing teams. Investment in leadership and management training boosts your team’s overall potential for success and productivity. Our clients’ training needs and requirements are unique, and we will work closely with you to develop the optimal mix of skill sets and tools to develop a strong leadership and management team.

Management Training & Course Options Include:

  1. Senior Management And Executive Coaching And Training
  2. Interactive Management
  3. Leadership, Management And Retreat Training
  4. Presentation Training
  5. Conflict Resolution Training
  6. Negotiations Training

Our team of experts utilize combined years of the learning experience, delivered in an eclectic mix of training mediums to boost attendees understanding, knowledge, and management abilities. To achieve this, our trainers and course designers adapt learning approaches to include demonstrations, presentations, group workshop challenges, questions, and answers.

Combined learning and feedback is essential in all forms of business group training and workshops. We encourage and implement analysis, implementation and ongoing feedback to ensure heightened results. We continually strive to improve our training formulas to guarantee benefits for all attendees. We take pride in the process of building efficient, structured and confident managers and teams.

Sample Topics

  1. DISC Modelling
  2. Providing Feedback
  3. Team Motivation
  4. Delegating Effectively
  5. Performance Coaching
  6. Management Transition
  7. Managing Different Personalities
  8. Handling Difficult Conversations


  1. Constructive Feedback
  2. Improved Team Cohesion
  3. Efficient Delegation
  4. Increased productivity
  5. Self & Social Awareness
  6. Personal Development
  7. Personal Development
  8. Improved Team Motivation

Reasons To Choose Ultimahub's Leadership Training

Ultimahub offers a unique variety of innovative, interactive and engaging corporate and professional level workshops and skillset training modules for diverse teams and industries in Taiwan and around the world. We are a trusted partner for Fortune 500 companies and SME’s operating in a variety of different industries.
Our corporate trainers are well respected and reliable business partners ready to help your organization unlock the potential of your greatest asset – your employees. Our renowned training courses and workshops will equip your staff with cutting-edge techniques and methodologies to improve their professional skills sets – ultimately have a positive impact on your bottom line.

With offices in Taichung, Kaohsiung, Tainan, Taipei and Hsinchu, we work with multi-national, regional and local companies on a variety of corporate training requirements.

Workshops, training modules and curriculums can be delivered in multiple languages including – English, Chinese, German and Spanish.

Drawing upon decades of experience delivering soft skills training courses, Ultimahub utilizes interactive learning techniques to accelerate the pace of learning and provide results. By equipping managers with soft skills training, employees and teams are often more effective, efficient and productive.

Each of our clients have unique needs and we will work with you to provide customized soft skills training, post-training support and continual coaching.

Change is a constant concept the natural world as well as in the business world. Having the skill set to effectively manage change when immersed in projects and tasks is a key skill for productive and high performing managers. The ability of managers to manage their teams in the face of these charges is critical for ensuring successful project delivery, building successful client and team relationships.

Our management and leadership training courses and workshops receive praise and high ratings from our clients due to there effective methodology and insightful content. We warmly welcome referrals and aim to ensure that all of our clients receive customized, quality and professional training.

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