Sales Training with NLP

Sales Process Improvement Utilizing Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques
  1. Enhancing Sales Using NLP Tools and Techniques
  2. Using an understanding of psychology to increase sales
  3. Generate new and increase existing accounts using individual strategies
  4. Overcoming objections and barriers to client buying
  5. Shortening the sales process and closing deals more efficiently
Unlock sales excellence and success by taking our Sales Training and NLP Courses. Regardless of industry and created specifically for sales teams our techniques and process are designed to deliver a variety of versatile and essential skill sets to even the most seasoned of sales executives. Our materials and training can be immediately implemented to improve customer pipelines and your company‘s bottom line.

Utilizing a systematic process our expert trainers will introduce powerful sales techniques including the foundations and practical applications of NLP strategies that boost sales, develop new business and improve client retention rates. Each step in the sales process is covered from initial preparation and approaches behind contacting new clients through to fact-finding, problem-solving and closing the deal with relevant and practical solutions for your customers.

Over the course of the two day training workshop attendees will be provided opportunities to leverage and practice their theoretical sales knowledge into interactive role-playing and engagement exercises. Courses are designed to strategically enhance individual and team skills and abilities , towards achieving sales excellence and improved results.

  • Unleash the power of our proven sales techniques by engaging with our experienced trainers, tools, and materials that cover a variety of sales scenarios, circumstances, and situations.
  • Establishing a Process-driven Approach to Your Sale-Building a foundation for a vital sales process is fundamental to achieving significant sales figures and scalable business. With improvement, organization, and process come increased effectiveness-we will show you how!
  • Confidence Building-Building confidence stems from practice, practice, and more practice. Our hands-on and practical workshops provide individuals and teams the practice needed to gain confidence in a variety of scenarios using role-playing and other activities to reinforce and demonstrate the knowledge gained.
  • Knowledge Transfer-Learning from others is an additional benefit of our training workshops and learning environment. Ultimahub provides attendees with the opportunity to learn from each other‘s accomplishments and failures and grow growth opportunities. Discussion is encouraged as some of the best teaching moments come from can come from colleagues and professionals share who have shared similar experiences.
  • Understand Strengths & Weaknesses-Learning to play to your advantage with respect to leveraging your individual communication and sales style is an essential part of the learning journey as everyone is unique. From our initial assessments and throughout the workshop, we will work with you on an individual level to evaluate your strengths and areas for improvement and refine your personal sales style.

Module 1: Understanding Your JD & Role

  • Characteristics and traits required to be successful in sales
  • Importance of attitude and mindset in sales
  • Empowering outlook and beliefs with aligned thinking
  • Identifying, labelling and overcoming performance related barriers
  • 7 steps to successful sales

Module 2: Planning & Preparation

  • Sales strategy development
  • Prospecting for new business
  • Scheduling and arranging appointments
  • The appointment booking process
  • Developing your sales strategy
  • Prospecting and developing new business
  • Arranging appointments
  • Essential steps in appointment booking

Module 3: Initiating the Sale

  • Practicing excellence
  • Building credibility with your customers
  • Confidence, trust and integrity building

Module 4: Pitching and Closing

  • First contact initiation and pitch structure
  • Preparation and initial steps
  • Fact-finding and establishing customer needs
  • Communicating directly and influencing customers

Module 5: Closing the sale

  • Overcoming barriers to sail and objections
  • Structuring and presenting your solution
  • Practicing understanding and excellence

Module 6: CRM & Maintaining Relationships

  • After-sales service
  • Underpromising and overdelivering
  • Depending on client requirements, courses, and workshops can be delivered either online or offline.
  • The program can be designed for specific industries and or client needs, including ongoing coaching and mentoring to reinforce learning.
  • We also offer ‘Train-the-Trainer’ Workshops for broader company training and HR and management-level training requirements.

Each course consists of:

  • Initial Consultation/Testing
  • Visually Powerful PPT
  • Roleplays, Practice
  • Training Material
  • PDF Handouts
  • Ongoing CPD Planning

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