Selling with Insight & Influence

Sales representatives often face key challenges, such as: 
  • Distilling, clarifying, and differentiating needs against selling priorities
  • Leveraging awareness and research to improve customer interactions
  • Crafting ‘always-be-selling’ (ABC) narratives into insightful selling techniques
  • Knowing when and how to effectively “Close the Deal”

Create confidence with prospects and improve your chances of making a sale using the best of sales prep research, insights, and techniques.

Ultimahub’s Selling with Insight training programs and workshops equip sales people with the skill sets they need in order to tactfully deploy the research and situational awareness they have gained to improve their chances for sales success.

Our process explores ways to connect with potential clients, identify potential barriers and objections, mitigate misunderstandings, and develop value creation and activities on how to build rapport throughout the sales process.

Ultimahub’s Selling With Insight workshop is a 2 to 3 day program that involves pre, post, and a series of follow up exercises that will enable your salespeople and teams to:

  1. Build confidence and generate interest using the salespersons’ own capabilities and resources
  2. Align decision- making requirements with sellers’ competitive advantages
  3. Distinguish yourself from the competition by highlighting personal value throughout the clients buying experience
  4. Involve clients in the sales process by encouraging them to clarify, validate, articulate, and reframe their approaches to identifying the challenges and opportunities needed to obtain their business objectives and goals

In addition to ‘Selling with Insight’, Ultimahub has developed a number of complementary modules to improve salespeople and sales team skill sets and selling techniques. All of our programs are customizable, and we work closely with our clients to arrive at an optimal balance of fulfilling your requirements whilst providing immediately implementable solutions that increase performance.

  • Prioritize the sales pipeline and increase your client closing ratio
  • Boost revenue and sales performance and develop profitable client relationships
  • Develop a robust client base by working closely with them in a trusted relationship
  • Develop sales process resilience and confidence to avoid the discount fee and commission rabbit-holes
  • Ideal for new or experienced sales people looking to challenge themselves and increase their sales performance
  • Tailored solutions are available for Company Executives, HR, and Sales Managers looking to mentor their teams.
  • Ultimahub’s Training and workshops can be delivered either on or offline using our remote learning platform.
  • Training and coaching can be carried out as a one time training or a continual process to build on focused skill sets.
  • ‘Train-the-Trainer’ Workshops for company training staff and HR.

Course Delivery Structure:

  • Initial Consultation/Testing
  • Visually Powerful PPT
  • Roleplays, Practice
  • Training Material
  • PDF Handouts
  • Ongoing CPD Planning

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