Business English Online & Offline Teaching

Taiwan: Taipei, Kaohsiung, Taichung, Tainan, Hsinchu

Ultimahub provides a variety of online and offline English courses to meet your specific requirements. Our workshops and courses are offered across  all of the major cities in Taiwan and throughout Asia. 

In addition to teaching your employees communication skills that will help them interact better with their colleagues and clients, we place a special focus on tone, tonality, word emphasis and the various cultural contexts in which these are used. We also explore the nuances of certain English phrases and metaphors and how these can be used to build rapport.

Depending on your requirements, our English courses can be customized to focus on a specific types of foundational business skills or on more advanced topics. We provide an initial free consultation to understand your needs and design the most optimal and cost efficient solution to meet your objectives and goals.
We can provide a short demonstration class to help with assessing placement of your staff into ideal learning groups and gauge skill levels of your employees with respect to English ability and specific skill sets to focus on during the training.

  • Bespoke workshops and training solutions suitable for all company employees
  • Courses covering all levels of English
  • Courses taught at your company location
  • Courses designed to benefit and improve individual and team English communication


  • Become confident in using business English in a variety of professional situations
  • Opportunity to practice speaking and pronunciation, improve reading and writing skills and grammar
  • Improve overall conversational fluency using new and business/role specific vocabulary

Customized Classes

All of our training and workshops are fully customized to meet your specific company needs. Our focus on language skills and grammar is designed to help build your employees confidence when speaking English and provide them with a chance to practice and gain confidence when speaking in professional settings.

Dynamic Classes

Our courses provide attendees with a unique blend of practical skills and opportunities to role-play and practice what they learned. Individuals and groups have the opportunity to give presentations as well as receive one-to-one training and interaction from our expert trainers.

Personal Support

An additional function of our training programs is to provide ongoing encouragement, feedback, advice and support to help participants become engaged throughout the learning process. In addition to individual feedback, managers and HR departments will also receive feedback on the progress and performance of their employees.
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Our courses provide focus on finance, customer service, selling, hospitality and overall workplace skills to ensure that your company staff are delivering a world class customer service and sales experience to your clients.

All of our courses are carried out by industry experts in their relevant fields. Each trainer often holds multiple qualifications in their delivered learning and utilize a huge range of essential words, phrases, spoken practice and ideas for immediately applicable integration in the workplace. We use customized material to ensure maximum benefit and to ensure maximum flexibility in all areas on which you would like us to focus.

Ultimahub’s English teachers and training specialists have extensive teaching experience throughout the world. We build vocabulary, understanding and overall confidence in all attendees looking to utilize English in their day to day communication. All of our English teaching can be carried out online or face to face to ensure maximum growth and results.

Full reporting and testing of all students is also included in the packages to ensure we achieve your sought after results. Within the teaching material itself we have combined material and skills that we have gained in sales, customer service and also the very latest NLP techniques to enhance learning.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is there a minimum or maximum level of English to attend the courses?
    Our teaching/training courses are fully customizable. We cater for all levels and tailor content to the current English levels and abilities of your staff in accordance with your complete requirements.
  • Where are the training locations? Can your courses be taught online?
    We deliver training courses across the globe and also online to ensure maximum flexibility to suit your needs..
  • Do we need to provide our own training material?
    We provide all training material. These include handouts, ppt, media and anything else used to carry out the training sessions.
  • Do you arrange testing before and after the sessions?
    We often provide initial testing as well as final and follow up assessments dependent on your requirements. Our training specialists will be happy to provide you with more information regarding assessments when you contact us.