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Effective Influencing

Based on the theories and research of Robert Cialdini and other great influencers, attendees will explore the “weapons’” or six principles of influence that can be used to gain support and facilitate action in negotiations and broader business and social interactions.

Cialdini has broken these down into four key actions that use a variety of techniques to prepare and deliver a message that increases the chance for obtaining the results you would like.

Using a role-playing and immersive process, attendees will prepare and then practice the key actions by applying them to real life work situations. These tools focus on three key areas, connecting with others, gaining commitment to action and encouraging others to except ones viewpoint.

The specific actions identified during the training session will then be taken back to the workplace and exercised to impact performance.

Training Focus & Benefits

  • Trains participants to organize their thoughts by focusing on the needs of their listeners to achieve their objectives.
  • Encourages objectives by clear and concise delivery of message.
  • Overcomes resistance to addressing listeners’ concerns, opinions and ideas.
  • Ensures ideas are ‘actioned’ by developing a road-map to the objective.
  • Facilitates the sharing of ideas for improving workplace innovations centered around achieving business results.

Training Target Groups
The course is designed specifically for people whose success is directly related to their ability to influence the people around them.

Essentially, this is a life skill and has been proven to be a very successful tool when applied in the business world.
Our training experts will apply a variety of educational approaches to reinforce learning and mastery of the techniques:

  • Awareness: Modules begin by introducing a concept is that is related to the overall objectives. This concept is explored through business examples in cases, presentations, discussions and of course of experimental activities.
  • Practice: The attendees have a chance to practice strategies and skills that they have learned and apply them to improving their performance. Feedback is provided on areas for improvement as well as in which areas they are doing well.
  • Application: Using the techniques and tools they have learned in the course, attendees will Apply the aforementioned to their individual job situations and challenges.


  • Overcoming Pain Points – Participant Goals
  • Negotiation Game

Attendees are presented with a confusing and frustrating scenario that they need to navigate through by overcoming a series of organizational obstacles.

Additional Materials: Feedback capture cards and game rules

  • Activity Debrief (Roles, Challenges, Process, Solution)
  • Group Discussion 
  • Robert Cialdini’s ‘Weapons of Influence’
  • Small Group Presentation

Presentations on ‘Weapons of Influence with business case examples

  • The Golden Rule of Human Relationships
  • Active & Reflective Listening
  • Recognising Rational and Emotional Needs
  • Using Perceptual Positions to reconcile relationship differences
  • The KFC model (Know, Feel, Commit to)
  • Using the KFC model to plan strategies for changing other people’s behaviour
  • The 5 Cs model (Clear, Concrete, Correct, Customised and Concise)
  • The Effort / Benefit Matrix
  • Warm-Up: Close Hands Open Hands – Testing ‘Influencing’ ability
    Discussion – Application of the 6 principles? What worked?
  • Team Exercise: The 5 Star Challenge


Ultimahub’s expert training consultants will work closely with you to understand your training needs and requirements before designing an ideal training Module. Our programs are tailored to your unique industry, attendees and business requirements.

All of our courses can be held at your workplace or at a location of your choosing. We can help select a third party location and customize the delivery and training depending on your requirements. Please reach out to us today to discuss further.

We do offer specific focused Effective Influencing Training modules as well as one-to-one courses for key staff members.

We currently have training locations in first and second-year cities in Asia including Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam in addition to Hong Kong, Thailand, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, India, the UK and Ireland. Please visit our location page for more details.

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