Problem Solving Training

This innovative and highly interactive course delves deep into tried and trusted systematic processes, systems, and methodology to develop productive and consistent units whilst instilling strong working relationships.  It explores behaviour; communication; leadership approaches; identifying problems, creative methods to generate solutions; evaluation techniques; and how to initiate increased options and outcomes.

Exceptional communication is essential for organisations to achieve high rates of productivity and success. Building trust and rapport is paramount for developing relationships that facilitate openness and decision-making convergence.

Problem solving epitomises one of the most important of all managerial and leadership activities. Developing the strategies to make timely, well-considered and informed decisions will guide your team and organisation to increased accomplishments.

Problem Solving Training Course Focuses
  • Awareness of personality behaviours and how they influence the solutions we select. Understanding behavioural traits and default decision making processes
  • The application of wholistic approaches to problem solving processes in order to balance multiple dimensions of problem solving
  • Assessing and overcoming limiting beliefs and mental blocks to creativity and thinking
  • Practical solutions to business related issues utilizing Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional Intelligence, and psychometric profiling
  • Immediately implementable cutting-edge communication and motivation models to enhance leadership skills
Problem Solving Training Objectives
  • Determine pragmatic systems for applicable problem solving.
  • Awareness of the impact of personality traits on creativity, problem solving processes and decision making.
  • Cultivate strategies for creating positive brainstorming environments.
  • Recognising differing behavioural traits & establishing lasting rapport.
  • Understanding key roles to encourage & develop staff through the powers of collaborative motivation & effective communication.

Advanced Problem Solving & Decision Making​

  • Introduction: Why study problem solving and decision making
  • A synopsis of psychological thinking
  • Decision making: Values & Biases
  • Lateral thinking to solve problems
  • Psychometric assessing of problem solving defaults
  • Team approaches to encourage structured thinking
  • Problem solving: the highest order cognitive process
  • Split brain theory for making informed and balanced decisions
  • Instilling openness to new ideas in decision making
  • Creative problem solving models
  • Unexpected events prevention
  • Managing Change
  • Creative problem solving for continuous improvement
  • Constructive enquiring positive dialogue focus
  • Solution methodology: The radical transformation approach
  • Diagnostic tools for organisational improvement
  • Techniques to innovate and improve processes
  • The Disney Creative Thinking Strategy
  • Creativity limiting beliefs
  • Imagineering- Thinking outside the box
  • Curiosita: The multiple intelligences of Leonardo da Vinci
  • Models for organisational innovation
  • Organisational culture – Influence on creativity
  • Creative leadership in times of crisis
  • Leadership styles and decision making processes
  • Instilling Serendipity
  • Developing alignment with corporate missions
  • Gauging organisational creativity
  • Creating “solution finding champions” to foster change
  • Developing personal action plans for workplace assessment and continual development

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