Cultural Awareness Training Courses with Ultimahub in Taichung

Cultural Awareness Training Courses with Ultimahub in Taichung

While cross-cultural training is costly for business, some are finding that a failed oversees assignment and the possibility of losing client accounts and company reputation is even costlier. Increased need for cross-cultural training has resulted in more sophisticated training programs.

Ultimahub cultural awareness training programs in Taichung are intended for people who work cross-border with contacts from a broad variety of different countries and who need to develop a basic understanding of the methods which cultural differences influence on cross-border company activities. Our training programs cover a large range of business-related subjects such as different meeting styles, mindsets to agreements, decision-making procedures, and cross-border communication.

These cultural awareness training programs focus on exploring the cultural approach to business discovered in a specific country or a particular area. The programs are useful to individuals working with a client in a specific nation or when interfacing with colleagues in the head office or in a subsidiary company.

Participants will increase their cultural awareness and understand the primary values that drive the habits of the target cultures. Specific counseling sessions with a focus on preparing the client for particular interaction in target audience. Sessions include pitch-preparation, discussion structure for a particular culture, service meetings/negotiations preparation, practicing small-talk and business communication best practices.

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