How Investing in Cross-cultural Training with Ultimahub in Taipei Can Save You Time, Stress, and Money

How Investing in Cross-cultural Training with Ultimahub in Taipei Can Save You Time, Stress, and Money

In business individuals discuss ‘appetite for danger’ and not ‘uncertainty avoidance indices’. Cross cultural training must be anchored in the day-to-day experiences of the delegates in the room. Ultimahub trainers will not attempt to shoe-horn your workers into their preconceived theories. We are in some cases asked to run training programmes based on running through the ‘favored’ theory of the training organiser, however we really seldom do this actually we never ever do this – we always use best practices based on our 15 years of professional training experience!

Start with what you want to accomplish by providing the training and work back from that. What behaviours are you attempting to move? Exist any inherent biases that require to be changed? Is cross-border interaction an issue and, if so, what are the impacts of any miscommunications? Just like any form of corporate training, the choice of instructor and training focus is critical.

Individuals rarely analyse their own actions or look for any guilt in themselves. The fact is, nevertheless, that in these scenarios it is very seldom (if ever) ‘all their fault’. It is generally partly their fault and partially your fault. Problems which arise as the result of cultural differences are never ever the outcome of maliciousness.

For that reason, a key element of any excellent cultural awareness training programme should be making people familiar with the effect their actions are most likely to have in totally different service culture. When you believe you are being ‘upfront’ and ‘honest’, might that be translated as disrespect? 

If you believe that the very best method to approach an issue in a meeting would be to brainstorm the issue, might that be translated as a careless absence of attention to the all-important information underpinning the circumstance? Make self-awareness a key component of any cultural awareness program.

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