This suite of programs is tailored towards making it possible for individuals within  companys’ to have a favorable impact on themselves and others. Through experience-based knowing that consists of virtual and in-class courses and a training certification, individuals will acquire a deeper understanding in not only what Emotional Intelligence (EI) consists of, but also how it applies to our everyday lives.

Building Self-Awareness is the cornerstone of our model. A day-to-day journal creates an archive of your thinking and your state of mind, enabling both coach and client to find detrimental habits of mind and determine practical techniques to work with whatever may be standing in the way of your success. This model makes it possible to establish Emotional Intelligence in a long lasting way.

Why is it that your company filled with extremely skilled, motivated people is still facing low worker engagement, and teams that are not hitting their targets? Mounting pressure and fast organizational change in the workplace make it even more tough for groups to work together. Without developing the foundational abilities of Emotional Intelligence, even your most gifted staff members will not reach their full capacity.

Ultimahub facilitators in Taichung can deliver the following programs at your location or virtually. Enhance learning initiatives in professional and leadership development 

  • Boost mastery of key leadership competencies with EQ skills 
  • Create a framework for dealing with emotions in the workplace 
  • Practice EQ skills in a fun, challenging environment 
  • Guide people to communicate well, handle stress and conflict productively, make clearheaded decisions, and respond flexibly to change 
  • Present a new, deeper approach to self-understanding and reflection 
  • Develop teams, departments, high potentials, supervisors, managers, and leaders

When feelings run high, they alter the way our brains work lessening our cognitive capabilities, decision-making powers, and even interpersonal skills. We translate the science behind managing emotions, and, teach people the abilities to become their best selves and do their best work.

 Think of a workplace where employees feel valued and grounded. They know that they are part of a larger objective, working with others to develop a space where even the most diametrically opposed people can come together and build agreement. If this seems like a magical, mythical location, do not misery. Emotional intelligence training for workers can assist you get there.