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Simple Techniques For Improving Business Writing in Taipei 

Make sure your company’s business communications are well-thought-out, with the correct information, and written in a warm and expert tone. 

From memos to emails to whitepapers and promtional documents, as you make your way up the business ladder, composing and crafting the ‘right’ massage ends up being an increasingly large and fundamental part of your job. 

We live in a world where communication is paramount to survival. In a work environment where communication is related with the professionalism and performance of a specific, would you endanger your career because of bad writing? Do you want the shame of sending out a poorly written e-mail to your peers? Can your team run the risk of sending out severely written communications to consumers and putting your business’s track record on the line? Naturally not, nobody aims to be a bad author.

Our intensive business writing skills course in Taipei will help correct your teams writing problems. From the fundamental do’s and don’ts of business communication to the basics of formatting, punctuation, tone and language– this course covers all the fundamentals. 

As a one stop guide to a professional’s writing profession, the class is perfect for assistants, secretaries, executives, managers, and senior managers of any business or company. Select techniques are based upon the objectives of your team and company and tailored based on our assessments and course design preparation and setup.